MBTI Personality Test Indicators



Guide:MBTI is a forced selection, self-reported personality assessment tests to measure and describe people's access to information, make decisions, deal with the psychological aspects of life activity rhythm and personality types of tendencies.

MBTI has become the most widely used when hiring professional evaluation tool. Character is not good or bad, the test was intended to reflect the truest themselves, rather than others expect of you. Maybe you would think that, when faced with certain situations in which there is a third, or between the choice, in fact, we are faced with the following situations have certain natural inclinations, choose when you are faced with those situations you most involuntarily, the most natural , the most unthinking tendency.

McCrae and Costa present correlations between the MBTI scales and the Big Five personality construct, which is a conglomeration of characteristics found in nearly all personality and psychological tests. The five personality characteristics are extraversion, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and emotional stability (or neuroticism). The following study is based on the results from 267 men followed as part of a longitudinal study of aging. The questionnaire of any of the options are not good or bad points, there is no "right" answer.


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